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 Playwrights and Modern Playwrights Agree that:  
    The playwright is the sole owner of the play;  that
    said play is not under obligation from other persons
    or  entities and is not currently published or available
    by another publisher in any form, other than from the
    playwrights; further, the playwright assumes all
    responsibilities and liabilities for the content and use
    of the play and releases Modern Playwrights, its board
    and staff from all liability and damages without limit;  
    further, Modern Playwrights, does not own, limit or
    retain rights to the play;  is not liable for infringement
    or damages that may result from publication of the
    play; does not pay for publication of the play;  does
    not charge fees on the sale or royalties resulting from
    publication; does not grant or negotiate performance
    permissions; does not publish material deemed
    inappropriate at its own desecration; may remove
    plays from the Library of Plays  for any reason
    without notice.
                         The Publisher,  Modern Playwrights
    After your application is reviewed you will be notified. If your applications is accepted you may be requested to email either
    five (5) pages or the full play as a PDF attachment.  Plays are not published until after staff has read the full copy.   
            Reading, acceptance or passing on your play may take several weeks.  
    PLEASE NOTE: We do not make edits, corrections or formatting changes to plays submitted nor do we offer reviews,
    advice or critiques of plays. We do request that playwrights us the formatting guidelines given below.
    When submitting a script to modern Playwrights,
    please follow these guidelines.

    1. Title Page – The first sheet of the script must  include:
           a. Authors name:  
           b. Authors contact email.
           c.  Do NOT include your telephone number, address.
           d.  You may include a personal website address.

    2. Breakdown Page - Second page gives the following:
           a. Brief description of the story
           b. Character list with names
           c. Time and place of the play.
           d. Scenic requirements
           e. You may also include an Act and Scene list.

    3. Script format - Use one of these standards
           a. Dramatist Guild of America
           b. Playwrights Guild of Canada
           c.  A script format  in Final Draft or other script software.
           d.  Font is easiest to read if it is:
                   1. San-serif, such as Ariel, Verdana or similar
                   2. Type size between 10 pts and 14 pts.
           e. The inclusion of colors, pictures or photos in scripts  
                will slow down upload for readers, so be sparing.
           f. DO NOT INCLUDE LINKS or HTML codes in text.

    4 Send Separate PDF, of  title card information that includes
           a. Brief (75 character max) pitch or description
           b. Number of Male/Female (M/F) roles
           c. A photo for the title card, low data size please.

    5. Send script as PDF attachment
           a. You may use Adobe “security” setting to prevent
                 copying or printing, however, these settings to not
                 always remain in place when the script is posted.

    6. Before you send PDF of your script material
           a. Send an email, without attachments, describing         
                  what the next email  and PDF attachments     
           b. Attachments without prior notice will not be opened.

    7. Removing your script from Modern Playwrights.
           a. Playwrights may request their script be removed
                  from the website at any time.
           b. To remove your script, use the CONTACT US form
                    and confirm your identity by including the contact
                    information originally used to post your script.
           c. Please allow thirty (30) for removing the script.

 Publisher,  Modern Playwrights

A Non Profit  501 (c)(3)   Theatre Organization   Since 1969
    To submit a play for publication provide the
    information requested on the form below.
    Be sure to provide all the requested
    information about your play and your CV
    data before clicking SUBMIT.                      
You may include up to ten pages of your play
as a PDF attachment, but this is not required.
From Dramatists Guild Of America
This is a link to a PDF sample of a script format.  This is the "new
standard". Playwrights may vary this standard to fit their own
needs and preferences.
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