Playwrights With The Following
    Have Publication Priority
      Written three prior plays. A prior
    play has received a staged readings
    or productions.   Playwrights has
    earned or earning a higher degree in
    writing. Membership in  Dramatist
    Guild, Playwrights Guild of Canada or
    other playwright association.
    Recommended by a theatre, Modern
    Playwrights Mentor,  Fellow or  Patron.
       By Submitting an Application For Publication The
    Playwrights and Modern Playwrights Agree that:  

    The playwright is the sole owner of the play;  that said play
    is not under obligation from other persons or  entities and
    is not currently published or available by another publisher
    in any form, other than from the playwrights; further, the
    playwright assumes all responsibilities and liabilities for the
    content and use of the play and releases Modern
    Playwrights, its board and staff from all liability and
    damages without limit;  further, Modern Playwrights, does
    not own, limit or retain rights to the play;  is not liable for
    infringement or damages that may result from publication of
    the play; does not pay for publication of the play;  does not
    charge fees on the sale or royalties resulting from
    publication; does not grant or negotiate performance
    permissions; does not publish material deemed
    inappropriate at its own desecration; may remove plays
    from the Library of Plays  for any reason without notice.     
                           The Publisher,  Modern Playwrights
For more about performance rights, go to:
      Professional artist mentors for Modern Playwrights are
    welcome to submit earlier and/or new works for the
    online play library.  Mentor plays may have been
    previously produced or in development. Plays currently
    offered by another publisher are not published here.
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           Applications For Publication

        Go to our:     APPLICATION TO SUBMIT
       Fill out the requested data and click on SUBMIT
    This link also includes Script Formatting Guidelines
    You may also Email a single page application.
    Be sure your application includes:
    1. Your name, email address.
    2. Your playwriting credits.
    3. Brief description of the play, cast list, staging needs.
    4. A twenty-five (25) word or less title card description.  
    5. Email your application as a PDF file to:
       You may include up to ten pages of your play
    as a PDF attachment, but this is not required.

    After your application is reviewed and accepted  email  the full
    play as a PDF attachment.  

    Reading, acceptance or passing on your play may
    take several weeks.  If a play is accepted for
    publication, you will be notified by email.

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not make edits, corrections or
    formatting changes to plays submitted nor do we offer
    reviews, advice or critiques of plays. We do request that
    plays follow "standard" formating, that you include a
    brief play title card descriptions with m/w cast numbers,
    brief set needs, a low data title card artwork if so desired.